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Your First Line of Defense  

The Plumber Protects the Health of the Nation - We take this responsibility very seriously our company owner is considered to be an educator and advocate for helping all home and business owners by offering to be their first line of defense when it comes to the How To's for all aspects of plumbing and plumbing services.


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Dependable and reliable is not too much to ask for, that is why our commercial customers only want Plumb Crazy Systems taking care of them.  Our satisfied customers include manufacturing plants, health clubs and restaurants.



We are lifelong residents of the Houston area and are love taking care of our friends and neighbors, however when it comes to a leak, clog or repairing old plumbing, our honest licensed plumbers are on time and budget.


Consistent Reliable Plumbers

No matter what your situations is a customer deserves a dependable and knowledgeable licensed plumber.  A plumbing companys word starts with honesty about when we can be there to solve your plumbing problems.  Then a quote you can understand in simple but complete terms and our  to fix it that day if at all possible.  We know that the residence of The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, Magnolia and Conroe would rather rely on a local company that is familiar with our area.  No matter if your water heater is acting up or you would like to have a water filtration system installed.  We are Plumb Crazy about our customers that make us who we are today..


Fast and Reliable

With our experienced plumbers we can get in and out and have it fixed correctly the first time.


Responsive Staff

A fully responsive office staff that knows how to get the information correct and dispatched fast.

Top Brands

Quality Materials

Many top manufacturers of plumbing parts want PCS to test them for quality and reliability.


On Time & Budget

Once we diagnose the problem we provide you with a fair and accurate quote for you to examine.